Sep 04

Republic of Palau Trip

Joseph Condé’s Travels

Palau Pacific Festival of Arts 2004 – Solomon Islands Dance Performance

Palau is by far the friendliest place I have even visited. The people are very welcoming and helpful. Its pristine waters are said to have the best scuba diving sites on the planet.

Sep 03

Cuba Trip

Joseph Condé’s Travels
Meeting Cuban Casineros from Guanabacoa was an unexpected surprise. This group of Rueda de Casino dancers had thrice won the Cuban national dance competition called Bailar Casino. Albertico, the director of Casineros de Guanabacoa, is an experienced dancer whose additional experience includes judging dance performances on TV. He is an unassuming individual who at the time dedicated his time training the young generation of casineros. There were at least three groups of dance troupes under his supervision. These included the under twelve group, the teen group, and the professional group that had performed on national television.